About NiKang

Our Company name is derived from the combination of two words “Nike” and “Kang.” Nike is the Greek goddess of victory and can also mean fast, first, and strong. Kang is a Chinese word meaning good health. At NiKang Therapeutics we are Conquering Scientific Challenges to Combat Cancer.

We are not content with the status quo.

Our Mission is to discover and develop innovative medicines to help patients fight cancer and live better lives.

We are an unseen force in cancer research, relentlessly pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms to transform the landscape of oncology.

Who We Are

NiKang Therapeutics was founded in 2017 by a biologist and a chemist with a shared vision of discovering and developing new medicines for patients with serious unmet medical needs.

In just a few years, NiKang has become a clinical stage biotech company focused on discovering and developing a pipeline of small molecule medicines for difficult-to-drug oncology targets.

Our target selection is driven by deep insights into disease biology and molecular pathway. Our discovery approach is informed by target structure biology and capitalizes on structure-based drug design.

This strategy enables us to quickly and effectively discover and advance proprietary drug candidates with the most desirable pharmacological features into clinical studies.

Our Vision

Through groundbreaking discoveries and unyielding determination, we strive to conquer cancer. Our vision is to bring transformative medicines to patients with serious unmet needs so that they may beat cancer and live longer, healthier lives.